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State superintendent at Duncan town hall

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DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) - Tuesday night in Duncan, State Superintendent of Schools Joy Hofmeister hosted a town hall meeting to hear suggestions on strengthening public education in the state.

Community leaders, teachers and parents gathered in the Duncan High School auditorium, and Hofmeister passed the microphone to those who wanted to speak. Hofmeister says that in Duncan, she heard a lot about teachers getting the support they need so they can thrive in Oklahoma classrooms.

"So we want to work with local teachers,” said Hofmeister. “Honor them, respect them, and make sure we are partnering with them to continue to develop all of the new people who are joining us who don't have experience, who may be emergency certified. We want to grow them, and then also inspire others so that teachers can say teach like me."

Duncan is the first stop on the superintendent's 7-city tour around Oklahoma. The Department of Education is working on new policies for public education to boost academic performance in the state, and they plan to use information from this tour to develop those programs.

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