ODoT reminds you to move over for emergency vehicles

ODoT reminds you to move over for emergency vehicles

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety teamed with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation to host a press conference today to remind people to move over or get pulled over.

The press conference was held just a few hours ago aimed at reminding drivers to move over and slow down for emergency workers, first responders, and construction workers.  This is being held now due to the increase of accidents in the past year.

Local police officers agree with the conference because moving over is there to keep everyone safe. Sgt Ernest Calfee of LPD says that if you see a traffic stop to just be aware.

"If you pull up on somebody that's on a traffic stop and you see the police have somebody pulled over just go to the left, get in the other lane, slow down," said Calfee.

Calfee says that if for some reason you can't pull over to slow down and be cautious of where the officer and vehicle are located. Remember, in Oklahoma you can be given a ticket for failure to yield to an emergency vehicle.

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