Independent businesses of Lawton unite

Independent businesses of Lawton unite

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Lawton's community of locally owned independent businesses announced the launch of the Lawton Independent Business Alliance (LIBA).

"Lawton's vibrant independent businesses meet unique needs, create and define our community's culture, and provide stability, accountability, and direct local investment." This holiday season, LIBA will highlight studies that confirm supporting local independent businesses is the best choice for ensuring the economic future of local communities," said Carlos Irizarry, LIBA co-founder and owner of The Percolator.

LIBA helps independents businesses compete against chain competitors by raising public awareness of the overall value offered by our local businesses. They hope to nurture and enhance Lawton's proud and passionate community of local businesses.

"National chains have a place in a city the size of Lawton, but we can't afford to lose the real engine of job growth and economic prosperity—the people who own and help run community-based businesses," said LIBA founder Kristian Orvis, owner of Finity Marketing Group. "If each Lawton family redirected just 10% of their holiday spending from national chains to local independents, our local economy would be enriched by millions of dollars. Along the way, many people will find that independent businesses are where they'll find the best value."

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