Former CO speaks out about SQ 776

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Today a former correctional official spoke out against an upcoming State Question concerning the death penalty.

Retired Correctional Superintendent Frank Thompson spoke today at a local coffee house about State Question 776. SQ 776 seeks to preserve existing execution methods and prevent the death penalty from being ruled cruel and unusual.

Thompson shared his experiences overseeing executions and explained the negative impact the death penalty can have on the people performing executions.

"Even if they are not involved in an execution, 33 percent of them show signs of or demonstrate signs of post-traumatic stress syndrome. I would petition and beg of Oklahoma citizens, that support the death penalty to please keep in mind, the men and women, or sons, and daughter that are related to you that are called public servants, that are called upon to do this in the name of the public policy that has yet to be proven or shown to work," said Thompson.

Today's event was a part of The "Say No to SQ 776" committee's " Think Twice Oklahoma Campaign, which is fighting against the States question on behalf of voters.

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