Rx drugs safely dropped off on "Take Back" day

Rx drugs safely dropped off on "Take Back" day

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Residents in Comanche County with unwanted prescription medications got to dispose them safely, no questions asked on Saturday.

It's part of the national "Drug Take Back" initiative with the DEA. People are encouraged to clean out their medicine cabinets, and to take them to police departments or sheriff's offices to dispose of them correctly.

Comanche Nation Detective Kieran Daley says there are incorrect way to get rid of prescriptions, and it can do a lot more harm than you think.

"A lot of people want to flush their drugs down the toilet, and sometimes that can get into the water supply," said Daley. "Or they can just throw them in the trash cans, and unfortunately there are people who go through trash cans. You can have accidental overdoses or children can get into them by going through some body's trash."

To find out where a prescription medication drop off location is near you, enter your zip code on this Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics website.

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