7News Editorial: Exercising your right to vote

7News Editorial: Exercising your right to vote

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Voter apathy is a term we've heard for at least a generation. The low percentage of eligible voters who participate in the process is sometimes seen as an embarrassment to our political system.

Based on polls earlier this year showing 60% of Americans were alarmed about the presidential election, the prospects for a large turnout again appear unlikely.

While the Clinton and Trump campaigns have generated plenty of political heat, and much of it negative, their battle for the presidency has created an interest in the process we haven't seen - maybe ever.

Both Hillary Clinton on the Democratic Side and Donald Trump on the Republican side would both be making history.  Clinton for the first female president and Trump for the first person to be elected who arguably was not a traditional politician.

Whatever the reasons that people have for participating in the election process, we applaud the fact that they are doing it!

Too often people don't like where the country is headed, many do not even exercise the right that people have died for in the past, so that  all of us can perform the simple act of voting.

Wherever your enthusiasm for the 2016 elections come from, let's keep it alive, and make voting vital this year.

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