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Halloween pranks on the rise

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CACHE, OK (KSWO) -Getting in the spirit of Halloween can be all fun and games, but a couple of teenagers in Cache playing a holiday prank are cleaning up their mess after egging and vandalizing someone's property.

Cache Police have dealt with a couple incidents involving vandalism that led to the kids having to do community service and clean the vehicles. The Lawton Police Department says they haven't had any incidents like this so far this year, but they have been patrolling neighborhoods a little bit more since Halloween is approaching. Police say it's common to see an increase in Halloween pranks such as egging and tee-peeing houses this time of year, but what people don't realize is there are consequences and it's extremely dangerous.

Sergeant Tim Jenkins with LPD says pranks such as tee-peeing and egging a house or car are not a joking matter. He says homeowners have the right to protect themselves and you never know if they have a gun or how they will react to what you're doing on their property.

Scary costumes, candy and trick-or-treaters are the most popular things we will see around the neighborhood as Halloween gets closer, but some people have other intentions 

"A lot of people think it's okay to go out and do crime and vandalizing things and think it's fun and game, but it's not," said Jenkins.

Egging cars and wrapping peoples houses or yards with toilet paper are pranks Sergeant Jenkins says he gets more and more reports of this time of the year. He says people don't realize how extremely dangerous these can be.

"You don't know if those homeowners have guns, weapons or even if they're at home, so going out and doing these things makes you at risk as well because they can have a gun," said Jenkins."They can have a weapon, so they have a right to defend themselves and their property."

Sergeant Jenkins says they are increasing their neighborhood patrol as the holiday gets closer. He says messy toilet paper can damage a persons yard and eggs can destroy someone's paint on their vehicle or house. Jenkins says to think before you act.

"The crime hurts the victim more than it hurts the person doing it," said Jenkins."We have to keep that in mind as well. If you're going to go out and trick-or-treat, be safe and have fun. Don't cause other people money by your antics."

Parents are encouraged to go out with their children to trick-or treat and to have a talk with them about the consequences of vandalism or damaging someone else's property. He says they could face up to a 5 hundred dollar fine and be ticketed. If he could say anything to people tempted to do it....

"Don't go out and vandalize things," said Jenkins."Take care of peoples property. I know it's Halloween. Have fun, but have fun to a proper extent of fun."

Jenkins says if you see or hear of any vandalism going on in your neighborhood or community, to call Lawton PD.

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