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Apache artist inducted into Cowboy Artists of America

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APACHE, OK- A young artist from Apache is earning wide acclaim for his paintings of ranchers and cowboys in action.
27-year-old Tyler Crow was inducted Thursday into the Cowboy Artists of America, and is their youngest member.

For as long as he can remember, Crow has always had a passion for painting and drawing. He credits his success to his high school art teacher Bob Wade, who taught him the in's and outs of oil painting. Crow says Mr. Wade encouraged him to start showcasing his work to other organizations.

"He taught me how to shade and do a lot of pencil drawings. Then through the Oklahoma Youth Expo and the FFA they had an art competition and I was blessed enough to win that
, said Crow.

He was even awarded an opportunity to attend the Oklahoma Cowboy Hall of Fame and work alongside some famous artists like Bruce Green.
Crow likes to paint western and country scenes. He visits ranches in Oklahoma and Texas to get ideas for his paintings, to show people the cowboy way of life and what they do a daily basis.

"It's something that has a lot of values to it and the guys on these ranches they all respect each other, that something I really hold on too
, said Crow.

Crow says the Cowboy Artists of America Association started back 51 years ago in Oklahoma City, when a group of men wanted to showcase western artwork at their annual shows. A current member of the association told Crow to apply. He says he got together some of his best pieces in his portfolio, applied, and the members voted him in.

"It's a huge blessing! I don't even have words for it. I just hope that I am able to share the west with a lot of people and honor the good Lord the best way I can
, said Crow.

Crow already has 2 pieces that will exhibited in Oklahoma City this November. Next October Crow will present 7 new pieces to the Cowboy Hall of Fame that will be a part of a weekly exhibit. He will have the pictures for sale and the proceeds will go to the Cowboy Hall of Fame. He will continue to showcase his art but thanks his family for all their support.

m just so thankful to have them. My mom dad and brother and wife have backed me 100 percent. I will just continue to paint every day and continue to keep learning and try to get better, said Crow.

He will have an exhibit on November 11 at the Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City called "Small Works Great Wonders". He will also have a show at the cutting horse Futurity on November 27th.

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