CU offers mental health counseling to the community for free

CU offers mental health counseling to the community for free
LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Southwest Oklahoma residents can now get mental health counseling for free thanks to Cameron University.
Today, the university unveiled its new psychology clinic at 2202 Ferris Avenue. The clinic is run by student-therapists pursuing a master's degree and will be supervised by licensed therapists and counselors.
Research shows that only one out of 3 Oklahomans can afford treatment for mental health issues, but this clinic is hoping to change that. Dean Lisa Huffman sees this as a great way to help the community while offering a hands-on learning experience for student-therapists. 
“You know, student learning is a core value of ours and being in the community for the community is a core value of ours. So we have an opportunity here to help, be a part of our community, and to improve our community,” said Huffman.
"We all just feel really blessed and in awe that this is available to us because this is really a top notch educational tool. its a tremendous difference learning in this environment, in a clinic, vs learning in a classroom, " said Christine Moore, a second-year grad student.
If you are interested in making an appointment, just call 580-699-3637. You can also find more information online at
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