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Video shows animal welfare officer saving hurt dog

(Source Lawton Animal Welfare) (Source Lawton Animal Welfare)

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A dog is alive and well Wednesday, thanks to the actions of a Lawton Animal Welfare Officer who crawled nearly 20 feet into a drainage ditch to retrieve it after it was struck by a car Monday afternoon.

The dog was crossing Cache Road near 52nd St. when it was hit by a car and retreated into a drainage ditch. Despite being claustrophobic, Animal Welfare Officer Kevin Adams crawled all the way into the ditch to retrieve the animal and get it the help it needed.

"This is the first time I've had to go climbing through a big ole hole to get one. I've had to chase them through the mud but this was the first time I've ever had to crawl through a hole,” Adams said.

Adams said when he arrived on the scene, the person who had hit the dog told him they had already tried to retrieve her but she was being too aggressive. Adams said he noticed she appeared to be scared and in a lot of pain.

"She bit at the catch pole a little bit but allowed me to put it around her and then she started attacking the catch pole a little bit just hey, I'm hurting really bad, a get away from me type of scared,” Adams said.

When Adams retrieved the dog, he quickly found the owner and got the dog on the way to the vet. We reached out to the owner today and, while she did not want to go on camera, she said the dog’s name is Tosha and that she is still at the vet. She said X-rays showed there were no broken bones in Tosha's legs or pelvic area, but that she cannot move her back legs and shows very little reaction to pain, causing her to assume it's a spinal cord issue.

As for Adams, he said this is just part of the job that any animal welfare officer would have done to help save someone's pet.

"Case in point, one of the officers, Officer Williams, when we flooded this last time this year, had to go swimming through flood water to go rescue two dogs that were stuck up on a tree,” Adams said. “It's something we love the animals and we're here for them no matter what we have to do."

Adams said they chose to video the rescue simply because they wanted the public to be able to see the great things they are out doing in the community every day.

"I didn't do this for personal credit or anything like that, I did it for the shelter to get more publicity. Because we do a lot of good things here for the animals and a lot of people still have really bad misconceptions of the shelter and it's something we want to try to fix,” Adams said.

Tosha's owner said they are expected to give her some steroids in hopes that they can get her better without having surgery. You can see the full video of the dog's rescue here.

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