Tips to keep your children safe this Halloween season

OK (KSWO)- Halloween is Monday and we can't wait. But before you head out the door for a ghoulish good time, here are a few tips for a safe and happy Halloween:

• Costumes should not obstruct a vision, hearing, or movement. They should also be flame resistant. Avoid toy guns and knives as they could easily be mistaken for a real weapon.

• Only trick-or-treat at homes that have their porch lights turned on. Do not enter the cars or homes of strangers.

• All candy should be examined by an adult

• Use a flashlight, reflective material, or a glow stick to increase visibility

• Trick-or-treat only during recommended hours.

• Don't drink and drive. Eliminate distractions and slow down.

• Look both ways before crossing roadways, and always walk; don't run. Cross the roadway at intersections and crosswalks.

• Travel in groups with adult supervision.

Happy Halloween!

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