An Overview of Oklahoma's 2016 State Questions

An Overview of Oklahoma's 2016 State Questions

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Election day is less than two weeks away and 7News wants to make sure you're ready for the polls on November 8. This November Oklahomans won't just be voting for president. Here's an overview of all seven state questions up for a vote in 2016:


This measure deals with the death penalty. If passed, the Oklahoma legislature may use any method of execution not prohibited by the United States Constitution, death sentences shall not be reduced because a method of execution is ruled to be invalid, and the imposition of a death penalty will not be considered the infliction of cruel or unusual punishment under Oklahoma's Constitution.


This measure creates state constitutional rights to engage in farming and ranching using agricultural technology, livestock procedures, and ranching practices. This measure is meant to put an extra protection on lawmakers' ability to interfere with the exercise of these rights.


This measure creates a limited purpose fund to increase funding for public education by increasing state sales and use taxes by one cent per dollar. The revenue will fund teacher salary increases of at least $5,000. The measure also requires an annual audit of school districts' use of monies and prohibits the increase superintendents' salaries or adding superintendent positions.


This measure would change the classification of certain drug possession and property crimes from felony to misdemeanor. It would make possession of a limited quantity of drugs a misdemeanor. The measure also increases the threshold dollar amount used for determining whether certain property crimes are considered a felony or misdemeanor.


If voters approve State Question 780, this measure creates the County Community Safety Investment Fund the Oklahoma Smart Justice Reform Act. The fund will consist of any savings or averted costs from the implementation of the Oklahoma Smart Justice Reform Act in reclassifying certain property crimes and drug possession as misdemeanors. The funds will be used to provide community rehabilitative programs, such as mental health and substance abuse services.


This measure would remove the regulation which prohibits the government from using public money or property for the direct or indirect benefit of any religion or religious institution.


This measure repeals and restructures the laws governing alcoholic beverages. The new article would allow a person or company to have an ownership interest in only one area of the alcoholic beverage business-manufacturing, wholesaling, or retailing. Retail locations like grocery stores may sell wine and beer. Liquor stores may sell products other than alcoholic beverages in limited amounts.

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