Tulsa baby wins $5,529 toward college savings account

TULSA, OK (KSWO) – Shanleigh Frost was named the winner of the annual Oklahoma 529 College Savings Plan (OCSP) Newborn Sweepstakes, taking home $5,529 toward an OCSP account.

"I'm still paying back all of my student loans," said Shanleigh's mother, Malerie Frost. "I didn't want my daughter to have to do the same thing. College is expensive. I work and my husband, Zack, works two jobs. This helps a lot to get us started saving for Shanleigh's education."

On Thursday at Hillcrest Medical Center, OCPS spokesman Kerry Alexander, presented Shanleigh with $5,529 toward an OCSP account. Hillcrest Medical Center also received a check for $1,529 for their programs.

"We're so glad to see the Frost family celebrate Shanleigh's first birthday here at Hillcrest, and also to see Shanleigh get this great start on her college savings," said Kevin Gross, chief executive officer of Hillcrest HealthCare System. "We are also very thankful that OCSP has donated $1,529 to our Art of Healing program, which uses the power of art development to enhance the emotional well-being of our patients during their stay."

"College costs continue to rise faster than inflation, or salaries and wages," State Treasurer Ken Miller said. "Too many parents underestimate how much they should save for college. It's never too late to start saving for college, but an early start is really the best way to help build an educational fund."

The Newborn Sweepstakes continues this year. Visit www.ok4saving.org for more information.

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