Class learns how to "Refuse to be a Victim"

Class learns how to "Refuse to be a Victim"

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A group learned how to 'not be a victim' in potentially dangerous situations, no matter if they are inside their homes or out traveling.

The NRA sponsored program "Refuse To Be A Victim" was held at the Great Plains Technology Center on Saturday. Local NRA representatives taught the class many different ways to defend yourself from crime. It wasn't just self-defense, but ways you can keep safe in your car, learning about the psychology of the person committing the crime, and even cyber-security.

Christi Chambers says she took this class because she runs outside in the mornings, and wanted to learn how to defend herself if she runs into trouble.

"Don't be distracted by your phone, look around," said Chambers. "When you walk to your car, don't look down. Always be aware of what's around you, who is around you. What people are doing. Your car, always look under it. Look in the back seat, that kind of stuff. It's important, you've got to protect yourself. You are responsible for you."

Organizers say if you are interested in this class, to contact the Great Plains Technology Center for the next opportunity to take it.

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