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Police looking for suspects after man was shot and killed in his apartment

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -Lawton police still have no suspects tonight, but are continuing to track down leads in the killing of a man who was found shot to death inside his apartment Sunday night. Tonight, the victim's brother is searching for justice.

Police identified the victim as 25-year-old Eric Buckner of Lawton. Investigators say a friend of Buckner's came to visit him at the complex on Northwest Taft and 20th Street around 7:30 last night.  Buckner was found lying on the floor, shot and covered in blood.

The friend called 911, and police rushed to the scene where they tried to save Buckner by performing CPR.
He was taken to Comanche Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Maurice said Eric was taking classes at Cameron University and wanted to become an x-ray technician. He said his brother was smart, and driven. His family just wants peace for Eric.

Maurice says they don't know would do something like this to Eric but believes it was someone that knew him.

"There wasn't a tussle, or fight. The hinges on the door were still intact. It's one of those things you open the door for a friend and next thing you know you are lying on your back covered in blood”, said Buckner.

Maurice said Eric was the type of person to give you his last.

"He was a light-hearted, happy type of person. Anybody who knows him knows he is open. Anything that he has, he wasn't going to hold it back, he would offer it to you”, said Buckner.

Maurice said life is too short and you never know when it will be your last time seeing someone you love.

"It's unreal to me right now. Someone would step far that past the boundaries over something we don't even know what it is that they are after”, said Buckner.

If you know something say something.

"You know a friend of a friend, and you know somebody. If you know something let it be known because I and the rest of my family don't want to have this situation linger out any longer than it needs too”, said Buckner.

Maurice said any information leading up to his brother’s death is appreciated. Over the next few days they will lay Eric to rest and continue to pray for peace.

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