A Child Who Hopes: Meet Kaylynn and Daniel’le

OK (KSWO)- Sisters Kaylynn and Daniel'le love to have fun, whether it's swimming, jumping on trampolines, playing video games or laser tag.

"I like to color, I like to draw, I like to play imaginary with my mind...there's a lot of things I like to do," said Kaylynn.

Oh and there's one other thing Kaylynn loves.

"I'm looking at the candy," said Kaylynn.

11-year-old Kaylynn wants to be a painter when she grows up.

"I'm really stylish and have a really wild imagination," said Kaylynn.

While her 13-year-old sister, Daniel'le, wants to be a veterinarian. Daniel'le is in 7th grade and says her favorite class is humanities.

"It teaches us how to live in life and social places," said Daniel'le.

Daniel'le and Kaylynn love spending time with each other and are excited to find a family to call their own.

"I've never been adopted before but I would love to live a normal life," said Daniel'le.

She has high hopes for what their future family will look like.

"A mom and dad, some pets, some video games and my sister," said Daniel'le.

If you have room in your heart for Kaylynn and Daniel'le, please call 580-250-3700 extension 3719 to learn more.

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