Lawton man dies in motorcycle accident

Lawton man dies in motorcycle accident

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -A Lawton family is grieving after their son was killed in a motorcycle crash in El Paso last weekend.

23 year old Trey Mitchell was the passenger on board a motorcycle that crashed into a car when the driver of the car failed to yield and turned in front of them.Mitchell and the motorcycle's driver were both killed in the crash. Mitchell, who was serving in the military and stationed at Fort Bliss in El Paso, was a graduate of MacArthur High School and Oklahoma State University.

Trey's family is still in disbelief that he's gone.  They say he came home for a week in August, but they never thought that would be the last time they would see him.

"It hasn't hit me, said Terrance Mitchell, Trey's uncle."I still think that he's just down the road and he'll call and say he will be here in a couple of hours."

A big heart and always smiling. That is how Mitchell describes Trey, and says he meant more to him than a nephew.

"He was like my son," said Mitchell."He always came to me with issues he didn't want to talk to his mom about, some man questions and things like that. So, I got real close with him."

Mitchell says looking back at all the memories he made with Trey, he realized they all involved making music, and began when Trey was in junior high.

"I tried to write him a song and he didn't like it, so he wrote his own song and from there and he just took on and started writing," said Mitchell."He had a big book with a thousand songs now. He kept every song from that day in junior high on up through college."

Trey was passionate about politics and dreamed of making Oklahoma and our country a better place. That goal and his family are what inspired him to join the military after graduating from OSU last December with a political science degree.

Dan Goodson III, Trey's other uncle says when he would see his nephew he always had on...

"Boots, he liked cowboy boots," said Goodson."My dad got some cowboy boots for him and he never took them off. He wore them with everything."

Mitchell says although this is a difficult time for their family, they are strong and will get through it. He says Trey would want them to be happy because he had a good life and was loved by so many.

"Everyone is just close knit and this tragic accident is just bringing us even closer cause now, we really do need to lean on each other," said Mitchell.

"Just because his life was cut short, his legacy will live on forever just because of the things he left in his past," said Goodson.

Trey's family says many of his fellow soldiers who served with him at Fort Bliss, have reached out to show their support. Mitchell's family is still in the process of making funeral arrangements, but they expect the service to be early next week at Comanche Nation funeral home.

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