The Red Tulip Project to help infants in our community

The Red Tulip Project to help infants in our community

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- A project that got its start back in 1998 by a local teacher is benefitting babies born to mothers with drug addiction by providing donated baby items to the Department of Human Services.

"These donations that they help provide for our community. It shows that they want to be there. These donations help the children in the community. People realize that these aren't just welfare or DHS kids. They are all of our kids they are the community's kids," said Shannon Warner, a child welfare supervisor.

It's the Red Tulip project and it kicked off during Lawton Public School's Red Ribbon Week. Today, items collected through the project were delivered to the Department of Human Services office in Lawton.

Organizers say the items help with the immediate needs of the infants placed in foster care making what can be a rough start to their lives a little more comfortable.

This Lawton Police Department sponsors the event and collects the items at the police station and also picks them up from area schools, whose students donated items for Red Ribbon Week.

"We did it to help the community. Being police officers we see it a lot, more often than others probably some of these conditions that these kids have to live in. If we can see it, we can help out," said Sgt. Tim Jenkins of the Lawton Police Department.

"It is really important to involved law enforcement in positive activities. They are out there working to help our community any way they can. It just warms my heart to know that we have multiple caring citizens in our community," said Kimberly Jones, who founded the Red Tulip Project in 1998 with LPS. She says one day she hopes to see the campaign go national.

This is the 2nd year LPD partnered with Lawton Public Schools for the p Project and while they hope to hold the event every October during Red Ribbon Week, they say you can donate items year round at the Department of Human services or by contacting the Police Department.

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