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OK residents express concern over on-going earthquakes

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KSWO)- State Representative Richard Morrissette hosted a conference at the capitol today to allow Oklahomans to voice their concerns on the recent earthquake problems.

Oklahoma has been hit hard recently by problems from the oil and gas industry causing earthquakes. Scientists have linked Oklahoma's sharp increase in earthquakes to the underground disposal of wastewater from oil and gas production.

Oklahoma residents were able to voice their concerns about their property damage.

“We give a lot of tax incentives to oil and gas. I pay my taxes. I’m paying my taxes on a house that is ready to fall on the ground. where is my state? Where is my governor? Where are my representatives?” explained one Oklahoma resident.

State regulators in Oklahoma say they're considering new restrictions on some oil and gas activity after a 4.5 magnitude earthquake struck the northern part of the state overnight.

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission says its earthquake team is preparing a response following Tuesday night's quake that hit Pawnee, the same area that was struck by a record-setting 5.8 magnitude earthquake two months ago.

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