Cameron holds concert for Native American Heritage month

Cameron holds concert for Native American Heritage month

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- A Native American flute-centric group, Injunuity held a concert Sunday at Cameron to help break stereotypes about Native Americans and the music within the Indian culture.

Sharing the Spirit, an event put on for the celebration of Native American heritage helps puts Native American music and history into the forefront of pop culture.Their music can be described as rock-style music featuring the Native flute as the melody instrument.

Native Americans have profoundly helped shape the United States, and Injunuity's music revisits those times and keeps them alive through song.

"When we look back at American history, there was a time when the federal government outlawed tribal songs, tribal language, tribal dances, there was a boarding school period, there was a removal period," said Brad Clonch, flute player. "All that almost hurt our culture in a way that we couldn't preserve some of the things like the native flute, like the languages, the dances. So what we're doing is taking that traditional sound of the native flute, mixing it with modern sounds."

This event was all a part of celebrating Native American Heritage month.

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