Recognizing America’s Veterans Today and Everyday

Recognizing America’s Veterans Today and Everyday

(KSWO)- Veterans Day is a time to remember and recognize veterans who have served throughout our nation's history.

Jim Pratt joined the Navy on June 2, 1942 when he was 18 years old. He was sworn in as one of the "Pearl Harbor Avengers."

Jim was stationed on a wooden hull boat for his first two years in World War II. It took 21 days to travel from San Diego to Pearl Harbor at the slow speed of 6 knots. Jim's boat arrived at Henderson Point Guadalcanal just in time to see the USS William Penn (a troop carrier) go down with Japanese bomb. He remembers the reality hitting him and thinking "this war is real".

Jim also remembers steaming into Sydney Harbor as a part of a goodwill tour. Thousands of people lined the bluff and waved white towels in thanks to the US Navy for helping to keep them free. He hopes the sacrifice the troops made has been worth the price they paid.

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