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Country divided after Trump is named president

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -While Republicans rejoiced, many others, especially those in minority groups who felt slighted or under attack by some of Trump's comments and proposals, are fearful for what may come during Trump's presidency.

Trump criticized the Supreme Court's decision allowing same-sex marriage, saying he would consider appointing justices to help overturn it. 

Many members of the African-American community were also offended by his characterization of their communities being riddled with crime, and what they saw as an attempt to divide the country further along racial lines.

Groups in the community said the common theme was uncertainty. They know what they saw from Donald Trump during the campaign, but they're not sure if some of his positions will soften now that he's won the election.  Right now, they're trying to remain optimistic.

"When he actually won, I was a little flabbergasted", said Maury.

Sean Maury is a member of the LGBT community and has friends not only in the gay community but also friends who are Muslim.  He said as he watched the election unfold he was deeply concerned about what might happen.

"He said horrible, horrible things. He said misogynistic things. He has made racial slurs. He has talked bad about illegal immigrants, about the Muslim community", said Maury.

Maury added that the LGBT community is afraid of Trump because he has made conflicting statements.

"I have seen him flip flop on the issue so many times. There was that one time when he held the pride flag saying I support the LGBT community but he held the pride flag upside down, so at least his heart is possibly in the right place", said Maury.

Bethany Missionary Baptist Church pastor Douglas Brown said he has seen the changes in Americans attitude. 

"We got so many hate groups, so many ethnicity groups and things of that nature that are hating each other and that is what causing us to be so divided", said Brown.

In spite of everything that Trump said during the campaign to heighten some of that division. Brown is hopeful that Trump will recognize what needs to be done.

"He knows there is some division out there, I would like to see him rally as us back together ,find a way to get us all back together. Forget the Republicans, Democratic and Libertarians, find a way to get people to come together", said Brown.

"The future is unknown right now. So last night I gave a Facebook post just telling people we don't know what is going to happen, we have to take things one day at a time", said Maury.

"He has mentioned these things that he will do. I still believe he is going to have a hard time doing things he would want to do, but I am just going to trust him. He is the president of the United States of American and we have to follow him", said Brown.

Both Maury and Pastor Douglas agreed that taking shots at people who disagree with the results on social media sites is not helping at all. 
They said  it's actually hurting the country as a whole when we should be working towards unification.

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