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Neighbor speaks about Lawton man killed in shooting

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -Police are on the lookout for a killer after a man was shot to death inside his home in Lawton this weekend.

It happened at 2803 NW 22nd Street around 5:00 Saturday night. Investigators say Michael Smith was found on the floor inside the home with multiple gunshot wounds. He was taken to Comanche County Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead. A woman who also lived in the home was taken in for questioning, but was not arrested.

"I've lived on this street since 1971 and we've never had a problem what so ever," said Patricia Stewart, neighbor.

Stewart says their neighborhood on Lindy and 22nd street has always been fairly quiet. She says the only noise she hears, is from Michael Smith's kids playing down the street. She even heard them playing on the day of the killing.

"I have never heard anything there really," said Stewart. "I've heard kids on the trampoline, and I like the noise of kids having fun. I've never heard a ruckus."

Stewart describes Smith as a good guy and a good father. She says she only ran into him a few times on the street, but says he was always playing with his kids and having fun.

"They were out here teaching those little ones how to ride little tricycles, a two wheeler bike, up and down this street," said Stewart.

This is the third homicide of the year investigated by Lawton PD. Stewart says it puts a knot in her stomach knowing something so horrific happened right by her home.

"It scares me that It's not just this neighborhood," said Stewart. "It scares me that this is all over Lawton and it didn't use to be that way."

Sergeant Timothy Jenkins with LPD says they're working as hard as they can to put residents minds at ease.

"You shouldn't be afraid," said Jenkins."Go about your daily activities. Don't necessarily be afraid of everything that's going on in the City of Lawton, like I said, Detectives and Officers are working hard, trying to keep the city safe and keep you safe as well."

Stewart says she does feel reassured knowing police, neighbors, and the community have her back, but adds she's not afraid to defend herself if she has to.

"I'm a strong old lady," said Stewart. "I know I can take care of things, but everybody is really watching out for me, but I think we watch out for each other too."

Sergeant Jenkins says they are still interviewing several witnesses and ask if you have any information about the homicide to contact Crimestoppers at 580-355-INFO.

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