OK is making progress in recruiting, retaining great foster parents

OK is making progress in recruiting, retaining great foster parents

OK (KSWO)- It's been a year since the launch of Oklahoma Fosters, which renewed efforts to find foster families for the hundreds of children in state custody and coming into state custody.

Oklahoma Fosters is a statewide initiative uniting state, tribal and local governments, businesses, nonprofits and the faith-based community to find homes for 9,800 children in state custody.

Since the launch of the Oklahoma Fosters initiative last November, 1,080 new foster homes have been recruited.

The goal for this fiscal year is to recruit an additional 1,080 traditional homes, and 172 therapeutic foster homes as well as seeking permanent adoptive families for the 548 legally free children in state care. Families specifically in the Tulsa area and tribal families – 30 percent of our children in custody identify as Native American, are still in high demand. There is also a need for families willing to take teens, sibling groups and kids with varying types of special needs such as medical needs or developmental disabilities.

Oklahoma has made progress in streamlining the application and approval process by eliminating unnecessary paperwork and getting background checks done faster to ease the burden on families applying to foster.

Visit the website of Oklahoma Fosters, www.Oklahomafosters.com, for more information.

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