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New workforce program raises the standard for water and wastewater workers

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO)- A new workforce program is in the works to raise the standard for water and wastewater workers.

The National Rural Water Association was in Duncan today to announce their upcoming Workforce Center and WaterPro Apprenticeship Program.

The nationwide program is aimed at recruiting, training and licensing new water workers, and raising the standard skillset across the nation.

Officials with the NRWA say that at the moment, up to 50 percent of the country's current water and wastewater workforce is set to retire within the next ten years. The apprenticeship program will not only lessen the blow from the loss of manpower, it will also ensure that their years of hands-on knowledge of a vital service won't go away with them.

"The people need to recognize that when they turn on the tap and clean, safe water flows out of it, do not take that for granted. There's a lot of hardworking individuals that are committed and dedicated to making that happen in your community,” said Matthew Holmes, the Deputy CEO of National Rural Water Association.

Officials say the apprenticeship program is set to begin sometime next year.

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