Recently elected House members take oath of office

Recently elected House members take oath of office

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KSWO) – One hundred and one newly elected members of the 56th Legislature of the Oklahoma House of Representatives took the oath of office today, the 109th anniversary of Oklahoma Statehood. The newly elected members include 32 new members and 69 incumbents.

"It is always exciting to take the oath of office on Statehood Day at the people's Capitol. Today is the culmination of a lot of hard work by regular Oklahomans who have been compelled to serve citizens in our state Legislature. I am looking forward to working with members from both sides of the aisle to find common ground on the challenges facing our state so that our next 109 years will see Oklahoma as a competitive, prosperous place to live, work and raise a family," said Oklahoma Supreme Court Chief Justice John Reif.

Governor Mary Fallin congratulated newly elected and returning legislators.

"Congratulations… I look forward to working with them as we work to make Oklahoma a stronger, more prosperous state for our residents to live, work and raise a family," said Fallin. "On this 109th anniversary of Oklahoma's statehood, let us commit ourselves to focus on moving our state forward, keeping in mind our shared pioneer culture and a history that stretches back even further than statehood, beginning with the Native Americans who originally settled the Oklahoma Territory."

The First Regular Session of the 56th Oklahoma Legislature will be February 6. State Representatives serve two-year terms.

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