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Local businesses see sales increase in rat and mice bait

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LAWTON, OK (SWOOP) -Many residents in Lawton and across Southwest Oklahoma are finding some unwanted guests in their home and experts say the weather has something to do with it. Not only helping rodents like mice and rats multiply, but sending them indoors. While residents may not like it, it's sending many of them to businesses that sell pest control items. 

Managers  at Sutherlands said  they've seen an increase in the sale of items to combat the pests. 
They can't seem to keep rat and mice bait on the shelves, and they have to order more products every week because they run out.  

They're also slammed with questions about how to stop the problem and keep the critters out of homes.

According to pest control experts, the problem starts with the weather. They say rain helps rats and mice to over populate because it causes the grass and farm pastures to grow, allowing rodents to hide away from predators and nest in tall grass to breed. With cooler temperatures approaching, experts say the number will increase because the rodents will look for any warm place like your home, barn, or car and once they're inside they find places to nest and reproduce.
Taylor Brinkley, with Sutherlands, says items like ramic bars, poisonous bait, and mouse traps are popular and effective, but you have to be careful with them, especially if you have pets or children.

"Its not just for mice, other animals will get into it as well and there are ways you can actually create a trap to prevent other animals such as pets or rabbits from actually being poisoned by it. And there is safety precautions on all the packages and it is best to read", said Brinkley.

Brinkley said you should make sure to keep poisonous items you purchase at the store away from children. 
To prevent rodents from coming in, pest control experts say you should keep things like dog and cat food or deer corn sealed up tightly. Make sure you close your  garage doors and seal up any holes you have around the outside of your house because rodents could squeeze through or chew around them to make them larger. 

If some of the items you purchased at the store are not working for you, contact a local Termite and Pest Control business to get a bait box which is stronger and will attract and kill more rodents. 

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