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Conference discusses FDA changes coming for ranchers

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Area ranchers heard about the effects that a new FDA regulation will have on them, after it is implemented in January.

That was one of the prime topics discussed Thursday at the 29th Annual Beef Cattle Improvement Conference at Cameron University. 

The FDA is doing away with the unlimited use of medically-important antibiotics that has been included in the feed or water of food-producing animals.

Dr. Ron Gill of Texas A&M's Animal Science Department explained the reasoning for the change. He said, "We try to limit the antibiotics fed to animals in order to prevent antibiotic-resistant bacteria from developing that might affect the animals or the human population."

Dr. Gill said the antibiotics can still be used with a veterinarian's permission. That will require ranchers to have closer interaction with their vet, so they better understand potential problems with their livestock.  

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