7News Editorial: Refocusing after the Presidential Election

7News Editorial: Refocusing after the Presidential Election

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- 2016 certainly will go down as the year of the underdog…the Cubs, down 3 games to 1 come back to win the World Series, the Cleveland Cavaliers down 3 games to 1 come back to win the NBA Finals, and the country elects a president who is not a politician after he was essentially written off as an outsider with little chance of winning.

I am just partly relieved that this LONG battle is over and we can all go back to leading our daily lives.  However, I am hopeful that instead of dwelling on all of the negatives centered around this nasty race, we re-focus on the greatness this country showed with electing the first non-political candidate to president and the first female major party nominee after electing the first African-American president in 2008.

I want to believe that this could truly be a watershed moment in our country's history.  With 46 million votes cast this past election, our country again showed the will of the people to change their future. Really no different than what the U.S. did in 1776 declaring our independence from Great Britain feeling the British government was exerting too much control over the colonies…the people again revolted against a corrupt government exerting too much control over our daily lives.

In our recent observance of Veteran's Day, we can reflect on a time in our history where we all came together as a nation for one purpose…us (the US) against them (the enemy).   Today, the county is greatly divided by -  us versus us…tearing each other down rather than respectfully engaging in thoughtful debate to collectively create solutions. It's a selfish belief that only our opinions and happiness matter.

In the World War era, the country came together and everyone sacrificed in some way for the good of the country…OUR country.  We should use this time to find common focus and goal … protect our way of life and give every Americans the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as they define it.    I challenge all of you watching to focus on one another, be respectful, be positive, and do your own part to reunite this great country.  A country where we have seen again and again…anything is possible.

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