Veterans in Walters learn about the benefits they qualify for

Veterans in Walters learn about the benefits they qualify for

WALTERS, OK (KSWO)- Today, veterans in Walters and the surrounding areas came to learn about what benefits they qualify to get because of their service to their country.

People with Veteran Services travel around smaller town in southwest Oklahoma, to reach veterans who may not be able to get to Lawton to sign up for their health care. This morning, they set up shop at the Walters Public Library and went through with the veterans and their spouses of what benefits they qualify for.

Tom King, with Veteran Services, says he sees veterans, some who served in Vietnam, who don't claim their benefits.

"They do know that they have it, but some of them don't want to come forward, and accept, you know, what's due to them. It's not that the government is giving them anything. These are benefits that they earned. They served their country, they got hurt serving their country, and now the VA is willing to take care of them," said King.

King says they try to go to a different town every 90 days. They have been to Chickasha, Duncan, and Waurika recently, and plan on traveling to others to give the veterans their chance to sign up.

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