Stores see decline in Black Friday shoppers

Stores see decline in Black Friday shoppers

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- After an afternoon and evening of shopping on Thanksgiving, department stores such as JCPenny, who stayed open all night, saw a decline of shoppers who were up before the sun.

"I'm guessing everybody is sleeping who did through the night shopping," said Elise Cara, a Black Friday shopper.

Elise Cara's family is celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow so she decided to go shopping last night but ended up leaving and coming back this morning.

"Yesterday, I came pretty late in the evening and it was pretty chaotic but coming this morning hasn't been that bad. Honestly, there aren't any lines and there any very many people so I'm happy about that," Cara explained.

JcPenny's general manager Cayce Vickers says they had around 500 people waiting for the doors to open yesterday afternoon. After being open more than 12 hours, it has slowed down but Vickers doesn't expect the break to last long.

"If you're not a Thursday shopper, then 6 AM is a great time for you to come shopping because it is quiet but you better get out of here in the next two hours because it's going to get crazy again," said Vickers.

One shopper out this morning says it's slower than it was when she went this time last year but she thinks that's because more people went yesterday. While she has a Christmas list she needs to check off she says spending time with family was more important.

"I hate that it starts that early. We stayed with our family yesterday and decided to get up early and come today," said Tara Scott, a Black Friday shopper.

"If you are not that person who wants to come out on Thanksgiving then this is probably a great time for you to come out. Unfortunately, we've sold out of a lot of the prime things that are in the ad though so you kinda miss that," said Vickers.

After going both last night and today Cara says she wants to start going early Friday morning instead.

"I feel it's much more relaxed so I feel more free to take my time and actually really consider what I'm going to buy. Last night people had bags full of stuff that I'm sure they're going to get home and think 'why did I get all the stuff I have half of the stuff already,'" said Cara.

Cara says since the lines are shorter she can make smarter and less impulse buying decisions.

"I'm only getting one item and this is something I really need so it's perfect. I don't feel like I'm buying a lot of things because I'm in a rush and I want to get in line before other people do," said Cara.

Thursday might be the best day to get deals on big ticket items, but if you didn't skip out on Thanksgiving dinner, you'll still be able to find deals today.

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