Lawton Family YMCA burns extra calories with annual Turkey Blaster event

Lawton Family YMCA burns extra calories with annual Turkey Blaster event

Today, Lawton YMCA members and non-members were piling in the Lawton Family YMCA for their 3rd annual Turkey Blaster event.

The facility offered a free day of variety group exercise classes open to YMCA members and community participants.

Healthy Living Director, John Veal III found the day after Thanksgiving to be one of their busiest. "In the mornings we run four to five classes. And we just didn't have enough space for the amount of people we get. So what we did is we run 7-8 classes variety of everything we got," said Veal.

Veal has worked with YMCA for 7 years and says the holiday season is a great time for people to view the facility and classes they offer in preparation for the new year.

Many participants like Merissa Montalvo, said they decided to sign up for the Turkey Blaster event because of the extra meals they consumed on the holiday. "Definitely loaded on the carbs yesterday so i wanted to come get some off. but i try and come do the class three days a week or so," said Merissa.

Veal says cardio focused classes like 'body pump' normally range from 30 minutes to an hour, "That one is more of a strength based one. we'll do some and we'll rest. we can tell people where were going next. and try to get the whole body working.get the weight lifting for people who aren't really weight room fans bu still want to lift a little more weights but just need some more direction."

Participants were sweating and some even had to take a break during the class to catch their breath. Veal says this behavior is normal, "No that's how that one looks all the time. we offer that one everyday expect Sunday. That's how popular it is. because it works."

And although the the classes test endurance...Many find Veal to be an inviting instructor. "He is pretty tough. he is used to it so he does it a lot. but he's really good. he's really motivating we love that. he is encouraging, so we love that too," said Montalvo.

In honor of the holiday season, Veal offered some tips to those who were unable to partake in the Turkey Blaster but, may want to kick start their workout regimen. "Good choices, the eating. you know don't over indulge, i mean indulge a little bit. just keep it under control you know. and don't over think it. as far as the exercise you know just get out and do anything," said Veal.

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