Man hospitalized after shooting

(Source: KSWO)
(Source: KSWO)

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Gunfire at a Lawton gas station Monday afternoon sent one person to the hospital with gunshot wounds.  Four people, including the suspected shooter, were taken into custody.

Police said the man was shot is in stable condition.

It happened just after three Monday afternoon at KC Distributors on Southwest Lee Boulevard, right across from the Great Plains Technology Center.

Witnesses told 7NEWS it was chaos. Multiple people were fighting in the parking lot near the gas pumps when one person pulled out his gun and started firing at the victim hitting him multiple times.

Several people nearby when the shooting happened didn't want to go on camera but say this violence needs to stop.

According to police, after the shooting, the suspect, and three others drove off. sergeant Timothy Jenkins with the Lawton Police Department, says an off-duty officer happened to be nearby when he heard the shots. He saw the suspects and followed them, prompting a chase. That officer then called for backup. The suspects pulled over at 27th and Arlington, but the chase wasn't over.

"There was a small foot chase that ensued," said Sergeant Timothy Jenkins. "So the off-duty officer was able to chase the suspects as well and when the units got there they were able to help him and back up and chase the other two suspects as well so that's how we were able to detain all the suspects and get them all into custody."

Sergeant Jenkins said having that officer there at that moment helped in the suspects' capture, He added that he's proud of how these officers handled the situation.

"It makes me feel great to know that fellow officers would come out here, take care of business and get this situation under control," sergeant Jenkins said.

More importantly, he said they fulfilled their goal of getting someone off the street who would shoot someone else in broad daylight and endanger other lives.

"We want to keep our community safe and the people in it," sergeant Jenkins said. "We want people to be able to shop at gas stations and go to school without having to worry about getting hurt while they're doing these things. So, getting him off the streets and off the out of our focus was a great thing."

Police are still trying to figure out what led to the shooting in the first place.

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