Charges filed in Lawton extreme child neglect case

Charges filed in Lawton extreme child neglect case

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Charges have been filed against the mother of the two children found alone in a Lawton apartment. Andrea Williams is in police custody; she is charged with child neglect.

The children, aged 4 and 6, were found in the Copper Ridge Complex on November 22 by a worker for a pest control company.

Lawton Police say the kids were covered in feces, saturated in urine and malnourished. They also say there was very little food to eat in the apartment. The children were taken to a hospital. They are doing better now.

During their investigation, LPD learned that Andrea Williams, the children's mother, was arrested days before the children were found for DUI. She made no mention to officers at the time of her arrest about having young children at home. Williams is still behind bars.

LPD Sergeant Tim Jenkins said these cases are tough to handle.

"I couldn't imagine having my kid in that situation, being placed at home, left at home with nothing to eat," he said. "Seeing that makes me feel sad and as a community, as a whole, we should all get involved and feel a certain way that we can't have these things happening in our community. Our children are our future."

Police are still investigating how long the children may have been at home unsupervised. You can count on 7News to keep you updated as the investigation continues.

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