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Lawton Life Scout advances to Eagle Scout with interesting project

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) A Lawton Boy Scout decided to do something interesting for his leadership project that would earn him advancement from Life Scout to Eagle Scout. He wanted it to be something that would benefit other students for years to come.
Aiden Williams built an 8-foot-tall shaded structure, made of cedar wood for the students to use on the playground at St. Mary's Catholic School.

For 6 months, he went through three phases to have his project approved-- proposal, plan, and report completion.

The structure was completed and set up last Saturday.

He's been part of Boy Scouts of America since the first grade. Aiden said he dreamt of following in his brother 'sand father’s footsteps--to become an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America. 

But to get there, he had to plan, develop, and lead a service project of his choice.  Aiden decided he wanted to make a lasting impact for those students at St. Mary's Catholic School.

"Well, I’m a Catholic. I always wanted to help the Church. I tried helping another church, but they said they didn't need anything so, I thought, 'What else needs something?' And I thought about the school and all the little Catholic children in here and they're probably going to need something like this,” said Aiden.

He coordinated with his Scoutmaster, his troop and St. Mary's faculty for the day-long chore of putting the structure in place. Aiden's Eagle project is anchored down by mobile home anchors that can resist winds up to 180 mph. It took them just under 8 hours to build.

Aiden's mother, Dina, says he and his father were fully committed to the project.

"Boy, they kept working all day. There was not a moment that they stopped. They even did shifts for lunch to keep kids moving and he did a really good job,” she said.

His hope for the future is to continue to build more for the schools and give back to the community. 

"It’s not hard to help children. You just have to get out there and do it."

As part of Aiden's project, he also requested funds, collected supplies, and donations to cover the costs. With the help from family, friends and different organizations, he raised nearly $1,000 to pay for it.

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