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Off duty police officer speaks out after gas station shooting on Monday

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- An off duty officer is speaking out after a 22 year old man was shot at a gas station Monday afternoon.
That man remains in stable condition. Police say four people were detained and questioned, two of them are still in custody.

It happened at K-C Distributors on southwest Lee Boulevard. An off-duty officer said he was driving near the gas station when he heard gun shots. 
He said he then saw people running, a man lying on the ground, and the suspects driving off in a car. The officer called for backup and chased after them.  
He said the car stopped on 31st and Gore Boulevard and the suspects got out and ran. With the help of fellow officers, they were taken into custody.

He said once he saw the suspects leave the scene he didn't think twice about giving the chase.

Captain Robert Puccino with the Lawton police department said his day off yesterday turned chaotic quickly. He happened to be driving nearby and said he heard about 3 to 4 gunshots.

" I look over I see some people running, I see one male laying by the curb another man helping him up, and then I see a car speeding off", said Puccino.

That's when Puccino knew he had to do something and he followed the car, even though he was unsure what had happened. 

As he chased the suspects down 52nd street he called dispatch for help and that's when officers told him there was a shooting. Puccino said when the suspect's car came to stop on Northwest 31st street and Gore Boulevard, two of the suspects got out and started running, but he didn't hesitate. 

 "When they took off running I knew I was going to chase that's what I was going to do one way or the other, that they were not going to get away" said Puccino.

Puccino also realized he didn't have his gun with him. 

"If one of them would have turned around on me we would have had an issue but again its a split second thought and its something you just let it go and keep going", said Puccino.

 Several other witnesses were nearby, Anthony Riss captured this video on his cell phone

"I was coming out of work over here at the VO tech and they stopped all of us they locked the school down and said there was another shooting so me and another gentlemen  saw from the window we saw the dude fell down", said Riss.

Captain Puccino says, while police believe they captured the people involved in Monday's shooting, he said violence is a nationwide problem.

"I don't think its just a community. i mean look at the news everyday its not just Lawton, its Oklahoma City, it Tulsa, its everywhere in America right now. things are getting bad and we got to change, something has to be done. There needs to be a change, I don't know how to change it but it has to be from people higher than me", said Puccino.

Lawton police say the 2 suspects in custody are a 17 year old and a 20 year old.

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