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Residents speak out about street conditions

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -Potholes and bumpy roads are a problem all over the City of Lawton, but those roads could be getting a makeover if a new bond proposal recently put forward by City Council gets approval from voters in February. 

The bond proposal, totaling about $55 million dollars, will pay for road repairs across the city and be paid for through property taxes for a 13-year period. 

According to City Officials, they hope to keep the tax rates constant over that time span and say on average, many tax-payers will actually be paying less over time.

Frustrated and angry is how Jeffrey Smith says he feels every time he drive down roads such as Ft. Sill Blvd from Ferris to Rogers Lane or residential streets that are full of big bumps, pot holes and cracks all over the road. He's ready for a change.

"It's wearing and tearing my vehicle," said Smith."It's awful. I have changed my tires and rotated my tires, more often than I should."

And that's a complaint that's shared by the majority of Lawtonians

"We did a lot of research and surveying to find out that streets and roads is the number one issue according to the citizens," said Keith Jackson, City Councilman for Ward 2.

City Council members say each ward will have around 2 million dollars to spend on residential streets and the rest of the 55 million will be spent on major streets.

Jackson says city engineers drove around every road in town and prioritized a list of around 11 major roadways that need to be fixed first. This includes Ferris Ave, East Rogers Lane, Southwest 38th street and Sheridan road. 

"We're so far behind on reconstruction of these streets that we are over $600 or $700 million dollars behind on street and road upkeep, so somewhere we have to start taking care of this," said Jackson.

Jackson hopes residents will make it a priority to vote and pass this proposal. 

"It will take 50 percent of the citizens to approve this, so we're hoping," said Jackson. "The last election we had, was approved by over 80 percent of the voters, and we were excited about that, it was our sales tax extension program, so I hope the voters approve of what we're doing for them."

Smith says he's excited he gets to vote in February, so hopefully it passes and the improvements get made, not only for the sake of residents, but visitors as well.

"I have family come from Dallas and they always complain about the roads in Lawton, Oklahoma," said Smith."I didn't have anything to say about that, so yeah I'm going to vote now." 

Residents will have the chance to vote on the $55 million dollar bond proposal on February 14th. Jackson says, if this passes, they will begin working on the roads immediately. 

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