Discover Oklahoma: Arbuckle Fried Pies

Discover Oklahoma: Arbuckle Fried Pies

OK (KSWO)- if you find yourself in the southern part of Oklahoma and you're hungry, there's a legendary place you'll need to stop. It's been called a pastry empire.

Meet the lady behind what is known as the original fried pies.

"My name is Nancy Fulton and locally I'm known as the fried pie lady and maybe nationally I hope... What we have here is a homemade fried pie, that I have taken my grandmother's recipes that made a flaky pie crust and instigated into a fried pie that would be the same thing as you come to my kitchen at home and I made you just three or four little pies, but I have stream lined it to where we can make several thousand a day."

And it's a good thing they can make that many, because Nancy and her crew have them lining up just to get a taste.

"We have apricot, apple, cherry, chocolate, coconut, lemon all of those can be made into a cream pie."

For the holidays, add in pumpkin, sweet potato, raisin, and the ever-popular pecan.

"We have pecan that's very very unique, our pecan filling tastes the same as if you come to my house ad I made a whole pecan pie except you have the advantage of getting a hand individual serving."

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