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Duncan mother angry after thieves stole Christmas decorations off her son's grave site

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DUNCAN, OK (KSWO)- A Duncan woman wants answers after thieves stole Christmas decorations from her son's grave and she's not the only person that this has happened to.

Gwen Even's son is buried at the Duncan Cemetery on West Cypress.  She visits his grave site almost daily and decorates it during the holidays with wreaths, ornaments, and Santa hats. When she visited his grave Monday, she said several items, including handmade decorations were gone.  

Parks and Cemetery staff said iit's also happened to at least one other person at the Cemetery. While there are security cameras and police who patrol the area t's not enough to monitor the entire cemetery. 

Gwen Evens said she's angry. She said not a day goes by that she doesn't miss her son, especially during the holidays.
She just can't understand who could steal from someone's grave, especially during this time of year. 

 "My first reaction is anger, just simply because holidays for anyone is very painful anyway", said Evens.

Its been 13 months since Gwen Even's son, Nathan passed away. She said her son was amazing, funny and laughed all the time. She visits her sons grave site everyday and noticed several items missing on Monday.One of the items was a blue wreath, made by her mother-in-law, a Shepherd's hook and a bird house.

"It makes you angry because I would go buy a wreath for someone, I would give you money for someone just don't take it from the people we've lost", said Evens.

This is not the first time Evens says thieves have stolen from her sons grave site. It also happened around the same time last year. 

"His first Christmas he had only been gone a month and a half and I actually had two large wreaths stolen last Christmas, said Evens.  "It's just awful"

Parks and Cemetery Staff with the City of Duncan says they do have some security cameras at the cemetery but not enough to cover the whole 110 acre area  and they say it's costly. They always advise people not to leave valuable items at a loved ones grave sites.

In the end Evens only wants her sons stolen items back and left this message to the thieves. 

"Regardless I hope you have a Merry Christmas, it's a shame you had to steal to make maybe themselves happy, said Evens. If you could bring my stuff back and if you have other peoples thing take them back too. Show them what giving is about because i would give back to those people if they wouldn't take from my son", said Evens.

As mentioned earlier, this isn't the only case of theft, another woman told 7News her and her family decorates her brothers grave site at the Duncan cemetery.  She, too noticed several decorative items missing, including a small Christmas tree. She said she may install her own camera system in the future to catch the thieves in action.

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