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Governor Mary Fallin Forms Task Force to Review Occupational Licensing Requirements

Governor Mary Fallin (Source State of Oklahoma) Governor Mary Fallin (Source State of Oklahoma)

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KSWO) – Governor Mary Fallin today announced the formation of a task force to perform a comprehensive review of occupational licensing in Oklahoma.

“Occupational licensing often can be overly burdensome, which can hinder a person from earning a living and providing for their family,” said Fallin. “These unnecessary or outdated barriers make it harder for many Oklahomans, particularly those who may not have completed a formal education as well as some minorities. This can help them to obtain jobs and build new businesses that create jobs.”

The Oklahoma Occupational Licensing Task Force will provide recommendations to the governor to remove unnecessary or burdensome regulations that are a barrier to potential workers.

“It is important that the state licensing framework allow the free market to thrive without burdensome regulations, while not placing barriers on those working to escape poverty. This will be accomplished while keeping the safety and health of the public a priority,” said Labor Commissioner Melissa McLawhorn Houston.

The Oklahoma Department of Labor will provide administrative support for the task force.

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