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Stay Safe While Working In The Cold Weather

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- While some of us have the luxury of working indoors, people working outside can't escape this cold weather.

Outdoor workers who are exposed to an extremely cold environment for a long period can be put in a dangerous situation if they are not protected.

Injuries such as frostbite and hypothermia can become a real thing if actions like layering up are not taken seriously before you begin the work day.

While it may seem like common knowledge to pile on your hat, gloves and coat before you head to that work shift, health workers say it is equally important to trade out that hot coffee for water to avoid possible dehydration. Skipping simple steps like these can end in bad results.

Landscaper William Diggs knows all about staying protected while working outside in the winter.

He and his team work year around to provide grounds care and service to 23 apartment complexes. "We kind of work a little bit, take a little break and then get back to working,” said Diggs.

Diggs checks on his employees and schedules them in shifts to keep warm throughout the day. Not only are they able to warm up in their truck, they are equipped with the proper gear to brace the cold weather.

"We usually got a nice warm jacket and we try and stay warm as much as possible as we can. We cover up as many things as we can, wear gloves, you know work as smart as we can,” said Diggs.

Training Officer Jared Williams of Lawton Fire Department encourages people who work outside to be aware of the warning signs like shivering, numb limbs or even hypothermia when being exposed for long periods of time.


Williams says, "If you start to see the white ashy skin, skin starts getting blotchy they need to remove themselves from the cold weather and get inside where they can be re-warmed.

Wayne’s Drive In carhop, Kimberley Garcia, works out in the cold for 8 hours, however, she says it is just a part of the job.


"It could be worse. It’s really not that bad once you start getting going, we pick up business it’s really not that bad at all."

Williams encourages all workers to keep those layers on. He also says especially those whose jobs require a lot of driving to keep blankets in the vehicle always in case it breaks down, or you run into an unexpected road closure.

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