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Military Members Receive Free Holiday Meals From Operation HomeFront

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Operation Homefront, a non-profit organization, was on a mission today to provide military families with meals for the holiday season.

The organizations "Holiday Meals for Military Program" has been around since 2009.

Today nearly 400 registered families from Fort Sill lined up at Cameron University to receive ready-to-cook meal kits to make their holiday complete.

Those families received groceries, household items and toys in their bags along with a gift card to Walmart for perishable items.

Fort Sill Specialist, Jahceiver Joshua and her husband were just one of many families who decided to apply for the Holiday Meals for Military Program through Operation HomeFront.

"I'm very much appreciative because you know Christmas is a big thing for us and I'm just very appreciative,” said Jahceiver Joshua.
This is the second-year Nadine Holstein, a military spouse, decided to sign up. She says the program is a big help during the holiday season.

"It leaves us a little more money for toys for the kids, or like do other things like seeing different places in the area so, it helps out tremendously."

Families who took part in the event went through three stations with grocery carts full of their bags but, first stopped to sign a thank you note to Walmart.

Walmart has sponsored the event with Operation Homefront in Lawton for eight years and store manager William Jones says, it is important each year.

"This time of year with the holidays and having the opportunity to partner with operation Homefront to give the family a little stability is just so important and that's what Walmart we want to do here for our community in Lawton."

The event was also made possible through a partnership between Veterans United and Lockheed Martin.

Operation Homefront Regional Director Robin Miller says the event was their way of giving back.

"I’m getting thanked for what I’m doing and I’m thinking no we are here to thank you. I mean this is such an opportunity to give the military families a little bit of love and what better love than to say you know what, don't worry about picking up the supplies we got it for you! said Miller.”

This year, Operation Homefront is expected to provide nearly 12-thousand meals across the country.
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