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Elementary students at Trinity Christian Academy give back to foster kids in Lawton

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)-  First and second grade students at Trinity Christian Academy in Lawton are giving back to the community by helping foster kids in need.

With the help of volunteers, the students painted, and decorated 23 blue duffle bags for foster kids in Lawton.

After each bag was personalized with the foster kids name on it, the bags were filled with a blanket, teddy bear, crayons, a coloring book, and a toothbrush.

The items in the bag are from a non-profit organization, called "Together We Rise". Each bag cost $25 dollars and the money was raised by students at the school and donations from First Baptist-Lawton.

"I put a car”, said 2nd grade student Clifton Mayberry
"I put a princess on it and a flower, and a star on it”, said 2nd grade student Hannah Gray,

This is the third year for Trinity Christian Academy teacher Marsha McEntire, who has been involved in the project.  She said she holds a special place in her heart for foster kids.

"When they are taken from their home, a lot of times their things just go into a trash bag and so this gives them a nice bag they can put a few things in. They have a blanket and a bear that will be theirs that they can take with them when they have to move to a new home”, said McEntire.

“It was fun because I'm helping people”, said Gray.

McEntire said the kids were eager to do their part. She said some kids helped raised the money, while others did extra chores at home.

“It's hard sometimes for kids to understand the different lifestyles that other kids have and so we talked a little bit about that”, said McEntire.

McEntire said these duffle bags will be like Christmas gifts for foster kids and leave them smiling ear to ear.

"It warms my heart to see the kids, because I know it is exciting to them., and it gives them something of their own that they can take with them wherever they go”, said McEntire.

McEntire said she plans to also put Bibles in each duffle bag. The bags will be delivered to to each kid at the end of this week.

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