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Approval of education bonds will improve Chattanooga Schools District

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CHATTANOOGA, OK (KSWO) - Voters in the Chattanooga school district will head to the polls on January 10th to decide on two propositions for bond issues that will make improvements to schools.

The first proposition is a 255,000 bond issue that would allow the district to replace the leaky roof on the high school. It would also raise money to buy a new pickup truck for the district's agriculture program. The cost of the truck is 55,000.
The second proposition is a 125,000 transportation bond that would pay off the lease on the school's activity bus, which would free up 31,000 to be used for different academic needs in the district.

Superintendent Jerry Brown says within the last 8 years, voters have approved 3 bond issues that have been used to renovate schools in the district. Each bond passed, with as much as 80 percent of the voters approving.

Brown said the roof on the high school is 22 years old. and is showing its age, especially when it rains.

"Several rooms, classrooms that have leaks. Our computer room has a leak right above the light, which is also above a computer. Most of our classrooms have places where they leak, our auditorium has places where it leaks", said Brown.

The high school currently has a screw down roof.  The screws have loosened up over the years causing water to get inside the holes. Instead of covering up the problem with a band aid,  Brown said a new roof is the best option.

 "It will overlay our current roof with a standing seam metal roof which has no screws exposed and will have a 20 year no leak guaranteed", said Brown.

55,000 of the first bond issue will purchase a new pickup truck for the schools agriculture program. The current truck has over 140,000 miles on it. Brown said its so bad, its not strong enough to tow a trailer.

"Whenever they go on an agriculture event, this truck is going, a lot of shows we go too like various speech contest and that kind of thing. So it goes up and down the road a quite a bit and anytime we send our kids out we want them to be safe", Brown said.

The second proposition would pay off the schools 125 thousand dollar lease on their activity bus. Paying the lease off will free up 31 thousand dollars  to be spent on academic needs around the district.

"We have had a part time reading teacher which we don't have this year so its a possibility that we can do that. Maybe hire another teacher's aide. Textbooks this year the state sent us no textbook money which for us was about 10 thousand dollars so we could use it for textbooks and there is numerous things we could use it for that could benefit our students", said Brown.

Brown also said these propositions are vital for the school and he is very thankful for all of the support residents have shown so far.
He just wants what's best for the school, students and teachers.

If these two propositions are approved, property owners in the district will see an increase of 2.8 percent in their taxes. Construction on the roof could start sometime in the summer of next year.

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