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Toy aisle takeover in 'Shop with a Cop'

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Lawton kids got exactly what they wanted Christmas thanks to the 'Shop with a Cop' program on Tuesday night.

The minute the kids joined up with their Lawton police officer, they headed straight to that special toy, video game or movie they had to have for Christmas. But they kids don't have to pay a cent. Lawton Police have that covered thanks to donations and fundraising.

Omarion Pierce, a 5th grader at Edison Elementary, has been thinking about what he wanted since his school principal told him that he was chosen for Shop with a Cop.

"I said, ok I can't wait for that day because I've got something that I've holding since Christmas," said Pierce.

And that's what a lot of the kids do when they are picked for the program by their elementary school. 20 kids came out with their families, and each kid had $150 to spend.

Lieutenant Ulysses Henderson says when they get together with the officers, they are on a mission.

"They come out here, they are so excited, they're ready to go,” said Henderson. “We don't get to talk much because they are, soon as they get the cart they are gone to where ever it is they want to go."

And the carts quickly filled up.

Lawton Police Public Information Officer Tim Jenkins says not all gifts were for the kids themselves.

"Seeing them do that, not to think only about themselves but think about their brothers and their sisters even their parents, to come out and pick gifts for them knowing that they may not get something for Christmas,” said Jenkins. “That's always a great feeling."

After check-out, the kids could get those presents they got for others wrapped and ready to put under the tree.

Henderson says this is a great time of year where he gets to step out with his department, and make someone's Christmas.

"No rules, no consequences,” said Henderson. “Do whatever you need to do, pick out whatever you want, and make it happen for them. So, that's really something special that we enjoy every year."

Target had a special deal for the kids on top of what the officers were doing. If they spent 100 dollars on toys, Target gave the kids 25 dollars to save or get even more Christmas goodies.

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