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Surveillance footage reveals new details about Nov. Will Rogers Airport shooting

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KSWO)- The Oklahoma City Police Department completed its investigation into last month’s deadly shooting at Will Rogers World Airport.

Newly released surveillance footage shows the suspect, Lloyd Buie, park and leave his vehicle in the airport’s parking garage four days prior to the shooting. Buie then returned the morning of November 15th. Later that afternoon, Buie fired a single shot at Southwest Airlines employee Michael Winchester with a rifle while he was walking to his vehicle.

A second shot was fired less than an hour after Winchester was injured. Officers found Buie inside his truck, dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. A handgun and high-powered rifle with a "very sophisticated scope" were found in the truck. According to officials, more guns and ammunition were later found in Buie's home.

Winchester, a former OU punter on the 1985 championship team, was 52 when he passed away at an area hospital from the single gunshot wound.

Buie resigned from Southwest Airlines in April of 2015 after refusing an alcohol test while at work. The shooting likely was a case of workplace revenge.

Authorities say that while the act was obviously intentional and premeditated, it is unclear whether Winchester was the intended target or if the suspect was targeting any Southwest Airlines supervisor.

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