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Altus shares plans on spending the $10,000 donation from AT&T

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ALTUS, OK (KSWO) -The $10,000 donation will be divided up between 3 programs. The Chamber of Commerce has seen a lot of success from one program that's already been in place for 6 months, the Southwest Young Professionals. Anyone ages 21 through 45 who aspire to help the community grow can join. The Leadership Altus Program, which is for anyone who's graduated high school. And, the Youth leadership Altus is a new program for high school junior students aimed at helping them find roles or jobs they would be successful at within the community. 

Jordan Thomas Armstrong has only lived in Altus for one year, and was a little unsure about how long he would stay. But, through friends he met at the new program, Southwest Young Professionals, he's now able to connect and network with people who have the same passion as him, fitness and health and make his dreams become reality.

"It means a lot because I'm new here and I want to establish roots and I want to make the place better than the great community it already is," said Armstrong. "The foundation that we have is tremendous."

Armstrong has worked long hard hours with the chamber of commerce and other members in the program to create "Altus in Motion." He wants to help inspire others to get healthy and participate in walks, runs, bike rides and other events. He says the program offered through the Altus Community Foundation has given him the resources to make this possible.

"It allows us to sort of branch out to move forward with our ideas and plans because our ideas are big and our plans are, but the funding, community involvement, sometimes that takes time," said Armstrong.

Brian Bush says Armstrong is just one of the many success stories that's come from this program. He hopes to encourage the younger generation to explore what opportunities are right here.

"There are opportunities for them right here at home," said Bush. "They can grow their families, they can build a business, they can have a really successful career right here in this community and that's great for everyone. It helps us continue those values on which our community is based, but it also helps us grow our local economy."

This $10,000 will go towards leadership development materials, meeting costs, and travel expenses. Armstrong says if you're debating on joining one of the programs, you won't regret it.

"Whether you're a high school kid, college graduate or whatever you are, it shows future employers that if you have something like this on your resume," said Armstrong. "It shows them that you're willing to work really hard for something that you believe in and you're passionate about beyond some of the monetary aspects of it."

You can sign up for the Southwest Young Professionals program on the Chamber of Commerce's website. Bush says they will be accepting applications for high school junior students who want to be in the Youth leadership program at the start of next school year.

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