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Police provide tips for drivers after multiple car accidents in the last few weeks

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Police have identified the man killed in a six car crash yesterday evening on Rogers Lane. Authorities say Steven Ronio was killed after his car was struck by another car that somehow crossed over the median. 

Police are still questioning witnesses and investigating to see if speed played a role. Two other people were hurt in the crash.  One of them is in stable condition at the hospital.  The other person's condition is unknown. The accident shutdown a mile-long portion of Rogers Lane for several hours, and this is not the first crash in that area. 

In fact, It's the third multiple car wreck in the last few weeks. Two more crashes happened just this afternoon--the first a rollover at 2nd Street and Gore. 
The other at 17th and "F" street. This influx has police warning drivers to be more aware and cautious.

Last night turned chaotic quickly for the Lawton  Police Department as they were called out to North West 26th Street and Rogers Lane after a multiple car accident. Sergeant Tim Jenkins said its was a shocking sight.

"Me seeing that I want to let everyone know in Lawton, just make sure you are safe when you are driving, this can happen to anybody, this accident was not in an isolated area, it can happen wherever you are going, and anywhere going down the road, it can pop up and happen", said Jenkins.

Jenkins said Rogers Lane has a higher speed limit than other residential streets so being aware is important.

"When you are driving down these roads its a bigger bigger priority for you to pay attention to that speed limit, pay attention to the cars around you because some cars may not go the speed limit some cars may go slower or faster than the speed limit", said Jenkins.

Besides watching your speed, you should always try to keep at least car length distance between you and other drivers and watch what's going on around you. 

"Make sure you focus on what's in front of you, what's behind you and what's to the side. Pay attention while your driving is important. you have to make sure that you are safe while you are driving.  you gotta make sure everyone else is safe while they are driving", said Jenkins.

Jenkins said sometimes you can't avoid an accident, but there's something you *can do to help save your life.

"If you do run into an accident or see you don't have a quick reaction for, you can always know that hey i got my seat belt on and it will give you some type of safety for that", said Jenkins.

It is unclear at this time if the driver who caused the accident will face any charges. You can count on 7News to bring you the latest on this investigation as it comes available.

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