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Police looking for answers in Lawton shooting

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Police are searching for clues into a shooting that sent one man to the hospital Thursday night.

Police say around 7:30 Thursday night a man walked into a local hospital with four gunshot wounds. They say they've interviewed the man who was shot but he's not revealing much information.

"Cooperating? Somewhat. Giving information that we do need? He doesn't really remember much of what happened so he's still trying to figure out everything that happened as well,” said Lawton Police Department Public Information Officer Sergeant Timothy Jenkins.

Authorities say the shooting happened at a home in the 1700 block of Northwest Cherry Avenue. Despite little information to go on, the investigation continues.

"We have multiple witnesses that were at the location so we are still processing those interviews, still interviewing those witnesses and trying to figure out what actually happened,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins said detectives are hard at work trying to figure out exactly and they're looking to the public for help.

"We're hoping the community can step up and help us. Anybody who saw something or witnesses it can call in and say hey this is what I've got, this is information for this case. Also, crimestoppers tips always help, anybody who knows anything, we're always looking for them to help us out, help us find out who did this,” Jenkins said.

Ultimately, Jenkins said it's all about keeping everyone in the community safe and sound.

"We want to take another bad guy off the street if we can. So, by us trying to piece together this incident and what happened, we can go back and find that person that did this and get them off the street that way it doesn't happen again to somebody else,” Jenkins said.

7News reached out to several residents of the neighborhood today who did not want to go on camera but said the neighborhood is usually quiet and things like this normally do not happen.

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