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Creative Imaginationz Group Holds Fundraiser Event For Foster Children

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Creative Imaginationz held their 2nd annual Winter Wonderland gala at Salt of the Earth Ministries Unity Next Building on Saturday.

The organization is geared toward helping those in need. The event included live performances by the local artists and various youth groups along with special presentations and a fundraiser to provide book bags full of supplies to give to children in foster care.

CEO and President of Creative Imaginationz Wendell Tillman says, being able to receive donations to give back to those foster children in need is the only reason they do it.

"It's like sixteen girls at the Park Point Home that I would like to just feel these book bags up with things that they can use. Pencils, pens, clothing items, shoes. So, they can have a Merry Christmas from Creative Imaginationz to them and from Lawton to them as well,” said Tillman.

The organization placed a bucket at the front entrance of the event in hopes that some participants would donate for the cause.

School supplies and clothes were some of the items given for the foster children.

"When the girls get released from the program I found out that they don't really have nothing. So, we wanted to give them a book bag, that way they can put it on their back and say okay 
say okay hey you can be on your merry way. But you got everything that you need to help you out,” said Tillman.

Lavita Williams was just one of the donors at the event. She gave a vest to hopefully keep one of the girls warm this winter.

 "It's very important that we take care of these youth that is displaced,” said Williams.

Tillman says the organization will continue to stand by their slogan shaping the future one child at a time.’

"We want this to be bigger and better every year, different locations on purpose. You know, to serve the community the best way we can,”
said Tillman.

If you would like to learn more Creative Imaginationz you can visit them on Facebook.

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